Diversity and Inclusion at Mendocino College

Diversity: We embrace it, share it and celebrate it!

Our Commitment

The Mendocino-Lake Community College District is committed to employing qualified administrators, faculty, and staff members who are dedicated to student success and to recruiting and hiring persons from diverse backgrounds. Diversity in the academic environment fosters cultural awareness, promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides suitable role models for all students including first-generation students, underrepresented students, and students of color. The District strives to employ and retain faculty, staff, and administrative personnel who promote a positive learning environment and are well-prepared to serve our increasingly diverse student population.

Mendocino College takes active steps to ensure equal employment opportunities and to create a diverse work and academic environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement Honoring Native Peoples and Lands

In the spirit of community, we acknowledge that Mendocino-Lake Community College District encompasses the ancestral and present homeland of the indigenous nations of Mendocino and Lake Counties, including the Cahto, Concow, Nomlaki, Pomo, Pit River, Sinkyone, Wailaki, and Yuki. We recognize, honor, and respect these nations as the traditional stewards of the lands and water on which the District is now present. As a community we acknowledge this legacy.

We recognize that Mendocino College has benefited and continues to benefit from the use of this land. Consistent with our values we will work to strengthen our relationship with native peoples.

By offering this Land Acknowledgement, we recognize, support, and advocate for their sovereignty and will work to hold Mendocino-Lake College District more accountable to the educational needs of local first nations and indigenous people. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the land and our responsibility to the original people and tribal nations of Mendocino and Lake Counties.

Mission and Vision at Mendocino College

A District-Wide Commitment to our Community, Students, Staff and Faculty

  • Mission

    Mendocino College partners with a dynamic community of diverse students to help them achieve their educational goals.  Informed by research, reflection, dialogue, equity and anti-racist practices the College is committed to student success and achievement.  Mendocino College embraces its role as an intellectual, economic and cultural anchor for the region. (revised February 9, 2022)

  • Vision

    Mendocino College encourages and nurtures student success through instructional excellence, social justice, and anti-racist practices. Mendocino College instruction and services are an inclusive, caring, and accessible learning environment based on individualized student needs. (revised October 5, 2021)

  • Values and Goals

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DEIA Resources

Championing Diversity

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